Thank you if you came to one of those great live shows! Posted on 15 Dec 14:21 , 0 comments

After playing their ‘World Tour of Sydney’ in late 2019, (thank you if you came to one of those great shows!) Di and Fabian from Sydney band FAST CARS sat down to plan their next project. Playing the series of live shows around Sydney rekindled in the band the joy of playing guitar-based power-pop live and the decision was made to focus the next album around a harder, rockier sound and with lyrics addressing ‘hard’ topics. 

Singer/guitarist Di Levi (based in the UK) sat down and wrote a long list of thoughts about the world covering world politics, workplace situations, relationship issues, sexism, and ageism. This list became a wellspring of inspiration as the songs of HARD took shape. Little did the band know how ‘hard’ 2020 and 2021 would become!

The various lockdowns and restrictions in the UK and in Sydney created numerous challenges for the band, all of which were overcome in order to bring HARD to completion.

Method Records have opened up pre-orders for the new Fast Cars 7” double A-sided single ‘Why Don’t You Just Say’ b/w ‘Trouble’. It’s a limited edition of 150 copies on vinyl and comes in a full-colour picture sleeve.

The release date is scheduled for Friday, December 24.